Recent update on Bishop Hudson

Bishop has now gone through one week of treatments here in AZ under the blazing Southwestern sun.

Thus far, there has been noticeable improvement.
~His color remains good.
~His overall countenance is much improved from weeks ago.
~His eyes are clear and the whites of his eyes are no longer gray.
~His overall pain is not at the magnitude it has been and
~He has been sleeping much longer each night with less interruptions.
~In addition, there have been no negative side effects.

Bishop’s wife is also feeling better. After having been diagnosed with mini-strokes, she is now also going to be getting some treatment at the same clinic as Bishop after labs are run. She is feeling better as well with no more of the symptoms she had earlier in the week.

Certainly, we praise God for the great things He is doing and will continue to give him all glory. He is the only one that deserves such.

Thank you all for your prayers and may the King of Kings grant you grace and mercy in your own affairs.



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