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  1. Doug Joseph posted:

    PLEASE pray for Sister Betty Slaughter (a member of St. Albans UPC in St. Albans, WV). She is on life support, unconscious, and in critical condition. There seems to be an aneurysm with bleeding on the brain. She needs a miracle. Thank you for helping us pray!

  2. avatar Barbara Thomas posted:

    From Missionary Ken Cantrell (Burkina Faso): Urgent prayer is need in Burkina Faso.

    Our neighborhood is on complete lockdown. The military is about to take the presidency from the old regime. This is about one mile from our home. It is said that mercenaries and jihad have been called in from Mali to back up the old (bad) military. Very tense as we await for God to intervene.

    Urgent prayers needed.

    • avatar Bro. Steven Seagraves posted:

      What more has been heard about the situation in Burkina Faso? Any victory for the Cantrells? I would appreciate hearing how things are going for them now.

  3. avatar Barbara Thomas posted:

    Please pray for Ashleigh. She is 17 years old and she is going into the hospital at Charlottesville, Va. She is having surgery to correct a severe curvature in her spine. The surgery will take place Monday morning at 7:30 a.m. Her parents ask we pray the Lord would guide the surgeons hands giving him precision and accuracy. Also pray for a smooth and speedy recovery.

  4. avatar charles hood posted:

    There is a man about 10 mles from Morgantown WV. that is hungry for God. He said he doesn’t have a car at this time. I told him I would see if I can find a Church in that area that would pick him up for Church and he said he would love to have a Home Bible Study given to him. Is there anyone that can help me find a Church for this man if so please Call: Bro. Charles Hood 580-706-1700 if no answer please leave a message and a # for me to call to talk to the Pastor. Thank You and God Bless You! Your Brother in the Lord.

  5. avatar Barbara Thomas posted:


    I am sending an urgent prayer request. I cannot give all detailsbut we are in a situation here. The president of the country put in martial law in the states that border with Colombia. For several days, they have been rounding up Colombians and deporting them back to Colombia. Several of our churches have lost half of their members. The military then goes in and destroys all their belongings and knocks down their houses. We received word this morning that in one of the barrios where they are rounding up Colombians is one of our churches and they are threatening of knocking it down also. We are asking for prayer for the church, the pastor, the members. Next week is the South American Convention in Barquisimeto but this will greatly impact this and visitors from Colombia and other countries. Please remember to pray for the convention also.

    Thank you for praying.

    WNOP on behalf of Global Missions

  6. Doug Joseph posted:

    The “A Team” will be leaving on Monday for the 2015 Crusade in Malawi. The crusade is led by Pastor David Bounds. Please pray for a harvest of souls and for safety in all their travels. Thank you!

  7. avatar Cedric White posted:

    Lord I demand let not my heart be trouble; Prayer for sister Brandy I demand let not her heart be trouble

  8. avatar hilda posted:

    Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. I ask for prayers so that my husband would come home to our children and I . I pray that the lord would show him that there is no place like home next to us his family .

  9. Doug Joseph posted:

    “Please get prayer going for Rev. Norm Paslay. His wife, Jeanie, just walked in the door and found him passed out on the floor. His heart is totally out of rhythm, and he had been on the floor a while. Please pray!” -Bishop David Hudson

    UPDATE FROM TOM SUEY: “Brother, praise God! Norman just contacted me, and he has received complete relief. The rhythm is back, and the pressure is gone. Thank you for praying! It worked fast.”

  10. avatar Robin brammer posted:

    Please pray for my sister Regina Kelly she’s in surgery as of now she has a brain hemorrhage and its bleeding she needs a miracle

  11. Doug Joseph posted:

    From Evangelist Bro. Brian Norman: A Prayer Network Update

    “Soon I will be departing to Asia to minister. Please have your Church pray for this trip, and make it a part of your daily prayers the next 2 weeks.

    “JAPAN – I will be conducting a Harvest Conference in the greater Tokyo area.

    “VIETNAM – It will be a pleasure to visit this place for the first time. Your prayers of safety and protection are greatly appreciated.

    “Thank you for believing with and praying with us for God to have His way. God bless you and yours. Shalom!”

    To Donate to this trip: –

  12. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for Bishop W L Clayton and his family and the members of the World Harvest Ministries United Pentecostal church in North Charleston South Carolina .

  13. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Thank you God for all the participants from West Virginia and around the United States who participated in the World Network of Prayer Historic Prayer Journey through Washington DC. Under the direction of WV District Superintendent Rev. David Hudson and the WNOP leadership.

  14. Please pray for Sis. Pauline Sheuvront. She is in physical therapy, recovering from a knee replacement. This is a precious saint in our church. Thank you!

  15. Please pray for Sis. Renee Bargo. She is battling the after effects of chemo therapy, in efforts to beat cancer. This is a precious saint in our church. Thank you!

  16. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please remember Brother Harris Sr. in your prayer. Pray God will direct every decision he makes concerning his illness, and complete, total healing will take place, in Jesus Name!

  17. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for North American Missions Team. There are around 150 people from all over the state going to Summersville, WV today to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Pray the Lord go before them an give Brother Clutter and The Solid Rock Church great increase for the glory of God!!!

  18. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for a brother (he was saved last year) and his wife who moved to West Virginia from Ethiopia. Their family is being persecuted for their faith by Islamic terrorist. They are being told they must convert or leave their country. There are acquaintances of theirs who’s children are being murdered. Please take this family on your hearts. Thank You

  19. avatar D Reeder posted:

    Requesting immediate prayer for a Berry, a very dear friend, who is having serious stomach and kidney issues. Prayers for appetite, energy and healing. Thank you.

  20. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for Lee W. He is going to Morgantown for very serious back surgery tomorrow. Pray for the surgeons hands to be guided by the Lord and that the surgery would be a complete success.

  21. Doug Joseph posted:

    Urgent request for renewed prayers for our WV hero of the faith, Bishop Robert Keenan. His breathing difficulties during recovery efforts recently resulted in him being put on a ventilator. At Sis. Keenan’s request he is being transferred back to Trinity West Hospital, which move is expected sometime today. Please help us carry him to the throne in prayer!

  22. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for April K. She is having back surgery this afternoon. Please pray the Lord will guide the surgeons hands, the surgery would be completely successful and she would have a speedy recovery.

  23. Doug Joseph posted:

    Update on Bishop Robert Keenan: He has been transferred to a rehabilitation facility, and is improving. He has some rough days, but he is improving. He is expected to be there for a few weeks for extensive rehab as it has been a while since he was able to walk. Please continue to hold him up in prayer.

  24. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for Sister Brenda and Brother Leo. They will be consulting with some physicians at Johns Hopkins and will be needing God’s guidance and direction in some very serious decisions concerning his health and treatment. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

  25. avatar WVNOP posted:

    NAM (North American Missions) Focus for February 2015
    Pray Matthew 9:37-38 for Charlestown W.V.

  26. avatar Robert Gordon posted:

    Please pray for Bro. Keenan. He’s been in hospital since Wednesday. Fluid on lungs, good lung has a spot of cancer and a hole, which is healing. He’s on blood thinner which is causing terrible nose bleeds. They’ve packed his nose but he’s having trouble breathing. Please join us in praying for this great man of God and District elder.

    Bob Gordon

  27. avatar Doug Joseph posted:

    Please pray for Bishop Robert Keenan, pastor and former district presbyter, and also an honorary board member of the WV District UPCI. He is facing some health challenges. Thank you for helping us pray.

  28. avatar WVNOP posted:

    30 Days of Prayer
    Week 4
    January 21:
    That the Lord meets the needs of His people and they are content in Him. Pray for God to restore, strengthen, and mend torn relationships and heal dysfunctional families (Joel 2:19).

    January 22:
    That God will send whatever means necessary to do His work. Pray for North American/Global missionaries and national ministers (Mark 11:3).

    January 23:
    That the Lord would “send the rod of His strength out of Zion and rule in the midst of our enemies.” Pray God’s will for Israel. Intercede for souls in the 10/40 window (Psalm 110:2).

    January 24:
    That God would send His protection, mercy, and truth for those who are persecuted for the sake of Christ. Pray for the masses impacted by famine, disease, wars, and chaos (Psalm 57:3).

    January 25:
    For the poor, the impoverished, and those that have dire needs. Pray that provisions are sent. Intercede for souls to be delivered from bondages and strongholds(Nehemiah 8:10).

    January 26:
    That those drifting away from Apostolic truths do not send forth a message of compromise and succumb to a spirit of deception. Pray for unity and that God would heal all hurts(James 3:11).

    January 27:
    For God to send out chosen workers to rebuild and restore that which has been broken in all facets of life. Pray for the restoration of prodigals and backsliders (Nehemiah 2:5).

    January 28:
    That whatever God sends along the way, the church will pray continually and obey Him, despite the circumstances (Jeremiah 42:6).

    January 29:
    That God sends a great outpouring of His Spirit that results in great revival and harvest. Pray for healing, miracles, signs, wonders, and the manifested Shekinah glory of God (Luke 24:49).

    January 30:
    That the church worldwide aligns to all God speaks and all He sends, and that they submit to His divine sovereignty. Pray Spirit-led prayers and the will of God, overall (Revelation 1:11)!

  29. avatar WVNOP posted:

    World Network of Prayer’s
    30 Days of Prayer week 2
    January 15:
    Pray the Lord of the harvest, would send forth labourers into his harvest field according to Mark 10:2. Pray for revival restoration, and harvest, resulting in unprecedented spiritual and numerical growth (Matthew 9:38).

    January 16:
    That wherever God sends His people, that they will prevail in battle against the enemy, and that He would send His angels to help (I Kings 8:44).

    January 17:
    That God would send a great downpour of blessings to all UPCI divisions and ministries that are endeavoring to accomplish key goals and that there will be abundant fruitfulness (Psalm 68:9).

    January 18:
    That God would save and raise up the children and send them forward to be used in His kingdom (I Samuel 20:21).

    January 19:
    That God would send revival and harvest among the youth and that great works and ministries would be launched (I Samuel 16:11).

    January 20:
    That the church hears and obeys God’s voice, fulfilling His great purpose, for “He doth send out his voice.” Pray for strong men, standing in the forefront. Pray for efficacious ladies (Psalm 68:33).

  30. avatar WVNOP posted:

    30 Days of Prayer

    January 8:
    That God would send abundant finances and resources, through the means of others, to spread the gospel and to accomplish His work (II Chronicles 2:3).

    January 9:
    That God would send the church skilled individuals who would use their talents and abilities to help build His kingdom (II Chronicles 2:7).

    January 10:
    That God sends out ministers to preach. Pray for all UPCI leadership and ministers. Pray for the full operation of the five-fold ministry and the fruitand gifts of the Spirit in the church(Mark 3:14).

    January 11:
    That God “send help from the sanctuary.” Pray for the church to be a pivotal place of hope and refuge, and that humanity would turn to Jesus in this end time (Psalm 20:2).

    January 12:
    That God would “…send now prosperity” to the UPCI (Psalm 118:25).

    January 13:
    For God to send out His light and truth and that souls be converted and that believers be greater established. Pray that all develop a deeper relationship with God as He leads them (Psalm 43:3).

    January 14:
    That Jesus sends greater insight and revelation of Him as His Spirit teaches all things, so believers can be more effective in serving Him (John 14:26).

  31. avatar WVNOP posted:

    Please pray for Marissa and her unborn baby. They have been in Morgantown for quite a while and are not doing well. Pray the babies heart would strengthen and Marissa’s vitals would all become normal. Pray they would both be home and healthy in March, which is the babies due date. Thank you for praying and believing.

  32. avatar WVNOP posted:

    The United Pentecostal Church International has embraced the theme “SEND” as we endeavor to send The Whole Gospel to the Whole World by the Whole Church. We unite to answer “the voice of the Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us” (Isaiah 6:8)? We unite to pray “the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:38). We unite to advocate to the Lord, “O send out thy light and thy truth…” (Psalm 43:3). Join with us in prayer and fasting, and believe that God will
    SEND all that He has declared, according to His Word!


    January 1:
    The Lord would send His Angel to go before the UPCI, leading to a destination of biblical success (Exodus 23:20).

    January 2:
    God would send His people forth to possess the territories that He has given, and to receive all He has promised (Numbers 13:2).

    January 3:
    For a great awakening and move of repentance, so God would send healing rain upon North America and the nations of the world (II Chronicles 6:27).

    January 4:
    That the Lord would send His hand from above to save and deliver souls from the depths of despair and destruction (Psalm 144:7).

    January 5:
    For God to help His people to overcome the fear “to go to all that He shall send them and to speak all that he has commanded” (Jeremiah 1:7).

    January 6:
    That each individual who God is calling will heed to His voice and reply “Here am I; send me” (Isaiah 6:8).

    January 7:
    That God sends out workers, laboring together in love. Pray they not only advocate God’s kingdom, but also demonstrate it in His name, power, and authority (Mark 6:7).

    The World Network of Prayer

  33. avatar Barbara Thomas posted:

    Please pray for Tammy…niece of Sister Kathy Efaw and Sister Judy Marshall of Fairmont…she is in critical condition..Thank You

  34. avatar cedric white posted:

    Lord I want my sister brittany to have a job; she needs a blessing;

  35. avatar joyce posted:

    Please pray for Pastor and Sis. Priddy and family. Their granddaughter Mercedes and her husband K.D. Had a house fire this morning and lost everything. Mercedes was in the house when the fire started but thankfully seems to only have minor injuries. This is a horrible loss for a couple that has been married less than a month. It is also been a terrible blow to the family as they are very close. Please pray God comforts Pastor Priddy and his family while they mourn the loss but rejoice in the safety of the Hand of God that saved Mercedes life

  36. avatar Ruth Kiser posted:

    Thank you for your prayers! Praise report: Sis. Ruby Johnson’s doctor told her the leukemia is in remission! To God be glory!

  37. avatar Ruth Kiser posted:

    Dear Prayer Partners,

    My brother, Johnny, just called and told me their grandbaby girl was born today and was born under stress due to the baby having a bowel movement before birth and ingesting some. The mother, my niece Amanda, went for her doctor appointment and they could tell the baby was under stress, so they did emergency C-section. The baby is very sick and they had to take her to Georgetown Hospital! It would be a horrible tragedy if the child dies. Please pray for her that God will heal her.

    Thank you,
    Sis. Ruth

  38. avatar WVNOP posted:

    From Bishop Hudson:
    One of our beloved Elder Statesman of the WV District Bishop Daniel Coleman was translated to glory about 1:40 am during the night with his family by his side. Tentatively the arrangements will be viewing at the Tornado Apostolic Church on Monday and an 11:00 a.m. funeral on Tuesday morning. I will confirm details once they are complete. The family is most appreciative of the tremendous outpouring of love and prayers that have been shown to the family during this time. I will be in touch probably later today with a confirmation of the celebration details.

    Please keep the Coleman family in your prayers during this time.

  39. To our WV District family at large: I am asking for immediate prayer for our bishop and senior statesman, Daniel Coleman. Within the next two hours he is going in for surgery, and the consensus of the doctors is that if the bowels are dead there is nothing else they can do. The risk is significant. Brother Wilson Hudson has indicated he will update us through me and allow me to keep you updated. The family certainly appreciates your prayer! Thank you.

  40. avatar Davd R Harris posted:

    Please pray for Sis Harris.Having a lot of chest pain .Twice admissions into hospital I two weeks.

  41. avatar Ruth Kiser posted:

    Sis. Ruby Johnson has requested prayer. After a recent test, her doctor told her that the leukemia is no longer in remission. They are going to retest in a few weeks. Please pray that when they retest, the leukemia will be in remission.

  42. Doug Joseph posted:

    July 15 updates on Sis. Bargo from Bro. Bargo: 6:30am: “She feels well enough and I feel comfortable enough to go to work starting today. I will be with her every evening and on weekends.” 5:00pm: “They have dropped her vent setting from 50 to 40. The nurse said she has slept since she came back from getting her feeding tube inserted into her stomach this morning. She is still sleeping.” Keep the prayers coming!

  43. Doug Joseph posted:

    Pastor Daniels (Calvary UPC) in Shreveport, LA has suffered a serious head trauma and is in need of a miracle. He was swinging with his grandson and the swing broke causing him to be hit in the head with metal. Last report we have is that he is on life support. Please help us pray for him!

  44. avatar WVNOP posted:

    From Brother Hudson:
    We have a very urgent prayer request. Brother & Sister Adkins Son Caleb had an accident at their swimming pool and was trapped underwater last night and his dad had to resuscitate him. He was life flighted to CAMC in Charleston. I just talked with
    Brother Adkins this morning and he informed me that Caleb is making positive progress and everything looks good at this point. Caleb is on a ventilator and should be for a couple days. Would you kindly pray that the Lord continues to oversee him and that there is no damage to the brain. At this point all the tests show that everything is normal and progress continues. Let’s also lift Brother and Sister Adkins up in our prayer

  45. Doug Joseph posted:

    Just in from her husband: “We need everyone to pray for Renee. She is having a hard time breathing and she can’t stay awake. There is a surgeon trying to help her now.”

  46. avatar Leo Sourisseau posted:

    Prayer Request For World Peace Now – I pray for world peace to be fully realized now, and for this peace to last forever after, and I ask for all of this in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

  47. avatar arkadiy posted:

    please pray for me so that I might believe in Jesus and I want my life be changed.

  48. Doug Joseph posted:

    Bro. Johnie Cole has told us (May 27) he has a heart catheterization scheduled on June 4 at 9:30 am. This is to occur in Charleston (CAMC). NOTE: He needs someone to drive him down that morning. If you are available and willing, please let us know.

  49. Doug Joseph posted:

    Update on Sis. Jeannette Joseph (May 27): “I went into the clinic for a radiation treatment at 10:15 this am. I have lost 10 lbs since I was here Thursday. So I’ve been put on a drip with several initials in it, also with a shot of rocephin (an antibiotic) in it. This is a 4-hour drip, supposed to be followed by the radiation treatment. I was also told I will have this drip again tomorrow, minus the rocephin. So I am immobile for 4 hours or so today and tomorrow.”

  50. Doug Joseph posted:

    John and Cheryl Abersold (May 27): “Sutton [their new baby boy] has an abnormal shape fontanel (soft spot) but is growing normally.”

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